Propelo in Motion

Meals On Wheels – Diablo Region

Omni-channel marketing results in over 1,000 donors and nearly $250,000 in donations using direct mail, email, social media and digital display.

Galileo Learning

By Modeling existing client profiles Galileo Learning was able to generate over $65,000 in sales and over 150 new first-time campers.

Neptune Society

Dana Hanson, Director of Marketing for Neptune Society of Central California, discusses how they got 3x return on the innovative marketing campaign we implemented.

Cornerstone Fellowship

Adrian Tsingaris, pastor with Cornerstone Fellowship, shares how the omni-channel campaign we developed helped boost their weekly attendance.


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Multi-Channel vs. Omni-Channel

While often thought as being one-in-the-same, omni-channel marketing is a more focused approach that results in a more responses, higher ROI and lower marketing spend.

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