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Established in 1980, SFLCV is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit that fights to protect San Francisco’s beautiful environment by focusing on the political arena. They’re focused on promoting public awareness and backing legislation and candidates that are committed to environmental protection. Their efforts have helped to improve public transportation, preserve the beautiful bay and surrounding areas, and enhance pedestrian and bicyclists experiences to reduce city traffic.
We’re thrilled getting 2 ballot measures passed and 6 candidates elected, and were blown away by the 6.3x increase in impressions. Amandeep Jawa Board Secretary San Francisco League of Conservation Voters


In a politically charged midterm election, SFLCV wanted to ensure that their ballots and candidates were given the coverage they needed. Too often during big midterms, ballots and candidates are skipped over resulting in important issues simply slipping through the cracks.


  Propelo Media started by helping SFLCV process a target audience profile that focused on frequent voters registered as Democrat, Green Party or declined to state. To maximize the campaign’s effectiveness we implemented an omni-channel campaign leading with a full-color postcard direct mailer and reinforced with digital impressions across mobile and social media channels.



• 119,922 total impressions, vs. • 18,923 impressions previously


• dramatic win, avg. 72% of vote


• 3 supervisors • 2 college boards • 1 school board

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