Founded in 2000, Propelo Media (formerly IPNM) has worked with hundreds of businesses to transform their lead generation efforts into scalable and successful marketing campaigns which drive increased sales and revenue. From home services to financial services, consumer products to food and beverage businesses and beyond, we deliver positive results for B-to-C brands every day.

Work We’ve Done

Meals on Wheels’ donor acquisition campaign generated over 1,000 donors and nearly $250k in donations using direct mail, email, social media, and digital display.

A customer modeled look-a-like target audience combined with omni-channel marketing helped Galileo Learning generate over $65k in sales and over 150 new first-time campers.

Neptune Society of Central California got a 3x return on the innovative marketing campaign we implemented and executed on.
The omni-channel campaign developed was the best direct marketing Cornerstone Fellowship had ever experience and resulted in increased weekly attendance.

More Case Studies

Propelo Media helped us identify the ideal customer profile and put together a campaign that got us the new leads we needed.
Dana H.

General Manager, Neptune Society



Our campaign hit customers exactly when they needed to be and we’ve had a great response.
Candice L.

Marketing, Cabrillo Plumbing

We’re really proud that 83% of our first-time clients come back to use us again. It shows that we genuinely partner up with our clients and focus on their results.
Andre Chandra

CEO, Propelo Media