Why Where Your Brand & Culture Intersect Matter by Denise Lee Yohn

Episode #60 | August 05, 2020

Your logo is not your brand, no matter how much you want it to be, nor how many thousands of dollars you spent creating it. Today’s Ask an Expert guest, Denise Lee Yohn is a branding expert who has worked with big brands from Frito Lays to Oakley.

Today we talk about her book Fusion, which outlines why where your brand and culture intersect matter. She outlines how you can audit your brand, and what you can do to bring your culture and your brand closer together. She also shares insights on how to navigate tough social issues organizationally. Finally, we talk about video, more specifically what you need to focus on before you actually start recording.

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“When you have a vine that’s growing, it needs a trellis to support and to direct where you want that vine to grow. Your organizational structure and your processes provide the trellis for your culture to develop.”

Denise Lee Yohn

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