What 99% of Accountants Miss Reviewing Your Business by Greg Crabtree

Episode #84

Accounting is more than just financial statements and tax prep says today’s Ask an Expert guest.  Greg Crabtree is a partner in the accounting services firm Carr, Briggs and Ingram, he’s an international speaker and is the acclaimed author of Simple Numbers.

Greg’s philosophy is that accounting can be used as a powerful tool to help owners and management more effectively operate the business, and ultimately more efficiently grow profits and reinvestment into the business.

Whether it’s looking at the labor efficiency ratio or what the capital profit re-investment is, there are simple and more meaningful ways to leverage accounting to help you run your business.

Greg has summarized many of these principles and metrics in his book, Simple Numbers, and is close to debuting his next book, Simple Numbers 2.0, that digs into even more meaningful ways to benefit from smarter accounting techniques.

Finally, as many of you know at this point I’m always interested in how business owners strategize and then create content.  When it comes to writing Greg explains that he likes to get out of town for the weekend with a 5,000 word quota to make sure he stays on track.  But it’s his philosophy of wanting to change the world vs. wanting to create marketing that has allowed him to do both.

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“Everybody hates paying taxes I get it but listen my statement I made in the first book is still true if you didn’t pay taxes there’s only two of possibilities you didn’t make any money or  you cheated, and both of those are bad” 

Greg Crabtree

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