Using Leverage & Your Balance Sheet for Growth by David Waddell

Episode #79

The biggest financial winners are those that can leave their emotion at the door and capitalize on becoming countercyclical says today’s Ask an Expert David Waddell.  With over 900 clients nationwide, David’s wealth management firm Waddell & Associates take a holistic approach to growing wealth.  

David talks about the distinction between asset management and wealth management, and why the latter is a better approach to financial growth.  He also talks about what he’s seen from the market in the past few months, and more importantly what he sees in the future.  

He also talks about how too many people focus solely on the P&L.  While that’s important from day-to-day operations, he talks about how leveraging the balance sheet can have a tremendous impact on growing the business.

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“If you can borrow money and you have a big idea, now’s the time to strike because you’re gonna get the tailwinds coming out of this recession with all the stimulus”

David Waddell

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