The Secret to Humanizing Your Business by Hilary Corna

Episode #104

Hilary Corna stops by today to share her new approach to put humanity at the forefront of business. Hilary has an extensive background in process optimization having spent years at Toyota, but she shares how it’s possible to be humancentric while still optimizing process.

She starts the episode with a twist by explaining how her “unprofessional” approach.  This approach allows individuals and organizations to drop the facade and be real to who they are.  In turn people and firms are rewarded with a more loyal customer base.

We also talk about how important it is for companies to take the same effort they use improving the customer experience, and focus it on customers. We also talk about how important a recent trek to Burning Man has been for her and how her clients have a much better perspective of where their business is and where they want it to go.

What makes this episode so valuable though is how many different practical examples she shares that we can see and emulate in the marketplace. Like how Scribe Media has personalized their invoices in a way that humanizes a not so fun part of doing business.

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“When trust exists things happen more effectively. When trust doesn’t exist things happen slower and less effectively.”

Hilary Corna

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