The Power of Storytelling, Empathy and Video by Sasha Strauss

Episode #51 | June 30, 2020

Sasha Strauss, today’s Ask an Expert guest, shares his insights on several topics from brand strategies, meaningful customer communication through storytelling, corporate responsibility, the value of being empathetic and how valuable video can be moving forward for companies.

Sasha is a professor at USC, and is the Founder and Managing Partner at Innovation Protocol, a branding and strategy firm working with companies from Google, Paypal, Nestle and more. He’s also an incredibly genuine and insightful speaker, having spoken at hundreds of events around the world.

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“What I see regularly happening to small and medium businesses is this religiosity, this commitment to how things were and saying ‘Well, we’ve always have said this, so we have to continue to say that’, and that relishing, the celebration of history really burdens the contemporary application of your work.”

Sasha Strauss

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