Opening Doors & Overcoming Objections by Caryn Kopp  

Episode #78

For years Caryn Kopp, and her team at Kopp Consulting, have not only been helping businesses open desirable doors, but they’re able to develop compelling interest with those prospects.

Caryn learned early the value of hiring proven professionals vs. younger less expensive reps that she’d have to train up.  Her secret sauce though was pairing the proven door openers with content and message writers.  Add a sales process she continues to evolve to this day and Caryn’s team has opened just about every door imaginable.

In today’s Ask an Expert episode Caryn shares insights into what it takes to develop strong messaging, how you identify the right individual and subsequently get their information.  She shares her thoughts on when you should give up on an ideal prospect (…….never), and then she shares her 3 P’s to overcoming objections.

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“But as long as you’ve done a really good job targeting, and there you don’t have any new information that leads you to believe that this prospect is no longer a good prospect for you, keep going”

Caryn Kopp

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