Mastery Lessons Learned From Kobe Bryant by Alan Stein Jr.

Episode #72

It’s 3:30 am and Kobe Bryant is rigorously practicing basic drills taught to middle schoolers.  Today’s Ask an Expert, Alan Stein Jr., shares lessons this valuable lesson, along with others he’s learned after helping to train NBA greats like Kevin Durrant and Steph Curry for over a decade.

Now he’s helping organizations and individuals with proven strategies from leadership, organizational performance and management.  We cover a wide range of topics including the importance of following your passion, the power (and method) of storytelling to connect with your audience and a great life hack to help you professionally and personally. 

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If you take someone who’s relentlessly committed to the basics, and is humble enough to have a coach help them to see a blind spot just doing those two things, and having obviously a good attitude and good work ethic, I think you can put yourself of whatever it is you’re trying to be a lead

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