Is Your Career Consuming You or Are You Consuming Your Career?

Episode #114

Understanding the Importance of Purpose

In the fast-paced world of business, where consuming careers can take their toll, having a clear purpose can sustain you through challenging times and provide direction when uncertainties arise. Purpose clarifies and empowers, reminding you of what’s truly important, regardless of temporary setbacks or external circumstances.


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Journey of Self-Discovery and Purpose

Bruce Smith’s entrepreneurial journey offers a compelling narrative on the significance of purpose. Initially struggling in public accounting, Bruce discovered his passion lay elsewhere. He ventured into telecommunications, staffing, and eventually founded his own staffing firm.

While entrepreneurship brought joy, it also came with its share of stress, especially during a period when a large receivable from a Fortune 50 company caused significant anxiety. These challenges underscored the importance of having partners and a strong support system to share responsibilities and burdens.

The Power of Perseverance

Reflecting on his experiences, Bruce believes perseverance is crucial for achieving success. Overcoming obstacles and navigating setbacks builds resilience, strength, and a deep understanding of one’s capabilities.

The Connection Between Purpose and Perseverance

Purpose fuels the inner drive to persevere through adversity. It acts as an anchor, keeping you grounded, focused, and determined to achieve your goals. Perseverance, in turn, reinforces purpose, proving that with effort and dedication, anything is possible.

Personal Transformation and Fulfillment

Self-reflection and growth can lead to profound realizations about your purpose. For Bruce, a pivotal moment came during adversity when his father’s words resonated deeply, empowering him to forge his own path. Through perseverance and relentless spirit, he overcame challenges and found fulfillment and success.

The Value of Struggle

Though nobody seeks struggle willingly, hindsight reveals its transformative power. Hardships, failures, and lessons learned shape individuals, building resilience and laying a foundation for future triumphs. Employers often seek candidates who have faced adversity and emerged stronger and more capable.

Unlocking Fulfillment Through Purpose and Perseverance

By identifying and embracing your unique purpose, you can unlock a path to fulfillment and success. Through perseverance, you can navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals. A strong purpose serves as a guiding force, enabling you to make meaningful contributions and live a life filled with meaning and satisfaction.

” A Solid Foundation In A Purpose, Whatever That Is For You, It Can Help You Sustain Through The Difficult Times

Bruce Smith

Bruce’s Rapid fire round: 

The Power of Human Connection: Exploring the Impact of Conversations on Business and Personal Growth

Embracing the Power of Face-to-Face Interactions

In the business world, professionals understand the value of physical fitness for maintaining productivity. Similarly, Bruce Smith, host of the “Consuming Careers” podcast, emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interactions for fostering meaningful connections and driving authentic conversations.

Starting the “Consuming Careers” Podcast

Bruce Smith launched “Consuming Careers” to delve into these themes, exploring whether individuals are consuming their careers or being consumed by them. Through insightful discussions with guests, Bruce seeks to uncover how purpose and perseverance can shape professional and personal lives.

Consuming Careers - Bruce Smith

Interviewing with Purpose and Passion

Bruce shares his criteria for selecting interview guests: a compelling story of purpose, passion, or perseverance in their career. Relatable stories inspire listeners and provide insights into overcoming challenges.

Humanizing Careers through Transparent Conversations

“Consuming Careers” aims to humanize careers by exploring the intersection of work and life. Transparent conversations allow guests to share their experiences, revealing how career events impact their personal lives.

Balancing Full-Time Work with Podcasting

Balancing a full-time job with podcasting, Bruce schedules interviews during off-peak hours or on weekends. This approach enhances business relationships and contributes to personal growth.

The Unexpected Rewards of Cross-Industry Conversations

Engaging with guests from diverse industries broadens perspectives and exposes Bruce to different problem-solving approaches. These conversations fuel his learning and understanding of career dynamics.

The Impact of Storytelling on Personal and Professional Growth

Bruce has been deeply moved by guests’ stories, such as Mark Meer’s account of his daughter’s battle with childhood cancer. Storytelling’s power to inspire resilience and purpose, even in adversity, is profoundly impactful.

The Art of Effective Interviewing

Hosting the podcast hones Bruce’s interviewing skills, encouraging active listening and penetrating questions to draw out deeper insights. Preparation and tailoring questions to the guest’s experiences are crucial.

Encouraging Others to Embrace Podcasting

Bruce urges aspiring podcasters to overcome fears and embrace storytelling. He highlights the simplicity and affordability of starting a podcast and offers practical advice on recording equipment and software. Sharing his journey, he hopes to inspire others to explore the transformative power of human connections through podcasting.

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, growing your consultancy, or connecting through podcasting, purpose and perseverance can help you consume your career rather than letting it consume you. Through authentic conversations and storytelling, you can achieve fulfillment and success in your professional and personal life.

Bruce Smith

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