Humanizing Interactions When Human Interactions Are Impossible by Lee Prosenjak

Episode #21 | May 19, 2020

Lee Prosenjak is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and investor, but he’s always an artist at heart. He founded Cherry Creek Dance and is currently serving as COO with HESSE Parters and on the leadership board at Simon Sinek Consulting.

All of Lee’s roles require interacting with other human beings through form, movement, and team exercises. Listen to his story on how different his world looks and sounds like these days, and how he made an artwork out of this jumbled mess of circumstances.

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“What do we do that’s so good right now (but virtual) that if I tried to recreate this in person it wouldn’t work as well? I’ve really been focusing on those aspects because that’s the stuff that’s going to not only set us apart but it’s going to make this a new business model.”

Lee Prosenjak

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