How You Can Negotiate Smarter & More Successfully by Mark Raffan

Episode #62

When heading into a negotiation it’s important to understand the differences between what you want to happen, and what you need to happen. Today’s Ask an Expert guest explains that it’s just as important that we understand that for the other party which requires you to be deliberate with your research while also making sure to ask open ended questions.

Mark Raffan is the founder of Negotiations Ninja, a firm that helps businesses develop stronger skills in this area, and he’s also the host of the #1 negotiating podcast by the same name. In this episode he gives insightful pointers on improving your approach, execution and most importantly, your success when negotiating.

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“Negotiation done well is about creating something that drives mutual gain, something that’s going to be mutually beneficial for both of us. Because I want you to walk away from this feeling like you got something out of this deal, because the chances of us doing business together one day may be very high.”

Mark Raffan

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