How To Surpass Willpower for Prolonged Success by Jonathan Domsky

Episode #89

Jonathan Domsky has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years and is the Founder of Untangled Coaching where he empowers entrepreneurs to accclerate theer personal and professional growth.  Jonathan has read thousands of books over the years, has attended countless educational curriculum, and has worked with hundreds of business professionals across the country.

Here are the highlights from Jonathan’s Ask an Expert Interview:

•How a one-way ticket and a chance encountered lead to his first company Kidorable
•By leveraging industry stalwart Jonathan was able to key sales people to scale sales to over 2,500 different retail locations
•His experience seeing and adapting to Amazon in the early days and how that’s positioned Kodorable with greater success
•Self-assess your passion and purpose by finding the intersection of:

    1. What do you love love
    2. What you’re good at
    3. What does the world need
    4. What can you get paid for (profit fuels purpose)
      •Break bad habits/routines by asking yourself, “What is in my life that I never would have conscientiously asked for?”
      •Why you can start routines from two perspectives but finish by only one
      •Ways to avoid the new work from home “Groundhog’s Day Effect”
      •3 tips that the most successful people master
      •Simple lessons to help you cut through the political, societal, corporate and personal noise in your life

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“your life purpose is that is where, what you are driven to do meets what the world needs if you’re driven to do something, and no one wants it that’s not your life purpose it might be  a wonderful hobby but it’s not going to be what you devote your life to” 

Jonathan Domsky

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