How to Simplify Your Marketing w/ A One-Page Plan by Allan Dib

Episode #81

Allan Dib, author of the wildly popular book “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” comes on the show and shares a ton of useful information so get ready to take notes.  Allan’s background is in technology, but he learned a valuable lesson early on that even if you’re the best in your industry if you’re not also very good at marketing you’re going to struggle.

Allan then dove head-first into marketing realizing that there had to be a better way, and the 1-Page Marketing Plan was born.  Allan and his company at Success Wise have used this to help countless businesses simplify, and more importantly, get more out of their marketing.

Today he shares specific marketing strategies from strategic targeting, improving the customer experience, and then how you turn those happy customers into referral channels.  He also shares the importance, and the technique, to developing a good team for your business.  Finally, we talk about the importance of augmenting your marketing vs. strictly automating your marketing.

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“A dollar from your ideal customer is much more valuable than a dollar from just any random customer even though your bank manager will tell you they’re equal, they’re not equal it’s the principle of the unequal dollar”

Allan Dib

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