How to Reapproach Your Business Development by Bernie Brenner

Episode #75

TrueCar Cofounder, Bernie Brenner stops by our “Ask an Expert” and comes out of the gate helping to differentiate between business development and sales strategies. After years of successfully growing TrueCar, he reconciled all of his notes and realized he’d created a systematic approach to biz dev, which outlined in his book, The Sumo Advantage.

Bernie walks through the 4 pillars of business development that you need to be focused on when implementing your biz dev strategy. In case the title of his book didn’t give it away, utilizing a good BD strategy can have massive gains for your business.

As the current CEO of Rollick, a company that’s reimagining the powersports shopping experience, from manufacturer to retailers to consumers. He shares the specific approach he takes to evaluating the customer experience, and then how they get creative trying to make it better.

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“You can’t mix sales and business development, they are really two different animals, and when a company is merging all together is when problems start to exist”

Bernie Brenner

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