How to Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman 

Episode #77

Joey Coleman is such a customer experience expert that even Zappos consults with him. While Joey has had a very interesting career, he’s spent the past 20 years analyzing and figuring out ways to improve the customer experience. In fact, he even wrote the book, “Never Lose a Customer Again” which emphasizes how important the first 100 days of the customer experience are.

Joey shares ways that you can accurately evaluate your own customer experience today, and moving forward. He then gives tools you can use to begin implementing change within your organization, and within your people.

Joey also shares his personal experience in how content creation has changed his own perspective, and how it’s changed his business. As an author, and as the host of the podcast, “Experience This”, Joey has invested a lot of time, but as he explains, the investments have helped produce long money.

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“Somewhere between 20 and 70% of new customers will decide to stop doing business with you before the one hundred day anniversary”

Joey Coleman

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