How to Find, and KEEP, Top Talent by Kathleen Quinn Votaw 

Episode #86

Today’s Ask an Expert guest, Kathleen Quinn Votaw experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows within a few short months when she gave birth to her baby boy and was then subsequently diagnosed with cancer shortly after.  Throw in a tumultuous job environment and Kathleen found he self at a crossroads in 2003.

Thanks to a date night for a burger and a beer, and some incredibly encouraging words from her husband, Kathleen was inspired to reinvent the recruitment industry.  Her focus from the start has been making sure an organization’s culture and the talent they’re seeking are aligned.  Sometimes even going so far as to help the organization realizes the changes they needed to implement internally to get the outcomes they’re looking for.

Kathleen shares how she’s used channel marketing in the early days to help grow her business, and how she continues to use it today.  She also talks about the importance of making sure you bring value to your network if you’re hoping to get something yourself. 

She shares her journey of inspiration and process she took to write “Solve the People Puzzle”.  Having taken 9 months to write she affectionately calls her second child because it was a true labor of love.  She also warns of out much time and effort it takes while running a business, which is why she built a team of people around her.  More importantly, though, she talks about why it was key to focus on the quality of the book.  In doing so it’s become a valuable tool brand builder, lead generator and has even spawned a speaking career.

Finally, Kathleen shares what her recruitment firm is seeing in these challenging times from an employer side, as well as an employee side. 

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“You want to build your company with your clients with purpose we do this. This is our products and services, this is who we work with, don’t forget about the internal customer because they’re serving those clients.” 

Kathleen Quinn Votaw 

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