How to Elevate Your Business Growth Quickly by Shawn Johal

Episode #70

After successfully getting a business off the ground, today’s Ask an Expert started struggling in 2013.  To help turn things around they started adopting the principles of Verne Harnish’s book, Scaling Up.  Things turned around so quickly, and with such great results, he started a coaching business, Elevation, as a certified scaling up coach helping businesses quickly turn things around.

Shawn shares insightful and actionable tips from how to better evaluate your talent, what he sees as the biggest mistakes companies are making as they pivot right now and how keeping the focus on your customer and their experience can help solidify your brand for years to come.

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“Unless you are living by those core values and integrating them into your annual and quaterly evaluations, you’re not using them in the right way”

Shawn Johal

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