How to Do Content Marketing Right with Dominic Rubino

Episode #55 | July 10, 2020

Dominic Rubino is a business coach and has previously sold almost everything under the sun. He is a firm believer that no matter what you do… even if you’re a behind-the-curtain technician reporting to one person, you need to at least be able to sell yourself and your ideas to that person.

In this episode, Dominic talks about how uses content marketing to build his brand – how he started creating relevant content for a very niched set of audience, and how that grew into a global following and opened doors to creating content for other parallel industries.

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“The challenge that we have as business owners is that we’re also leaking money, we’re leaking profits in the simplest things. You know, think about one of your people being stuck in traffic for an hour, well, how much is that person’s hour worth?”

Dominic Rubino

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