How to Convert Customers Into Tribal Fans by David Meerman Scott

Episode #83

Sorry folks, but… “Nobody cares about your product but you,” states David Meerman Scott. David has been studying businesses across countless

David recently co-authored the best-selling book “Fanocracy” which details why, and how, you should focus on turning your customers into fans.  Naturally, you need to have a good product or service, but if you can put the needs of your customers at the forefront, and then focus on developing an engaging experience you can start to create a tribal community.  These customers will not only end up becoming stickier to your brand for the long haul, but they will also become your best source of new referrals.

Reiko Scott, David’s daughter,  has earned a degree in neuroscience so there is tangible science that helps explains how exactly fanocracy works.  David also highlights Pelaton and Haggerty Insurance as two brands that are excelling at creating tribal fans.

We also talk about the importance of passion in your business and how you express that to your customers and the marketplace.  While leading a mastermind group at a Tony Robbins seminar, David was challenged by an attendee that said his profession as a dentist wasn’t that passionate.  A couple of questions later David had tapped into the dentist’s personal passion of skateboarding and recommended he try to infuse that into his customer experience.  It took a while to figure out how, but a couple of years later the dentist’s revenue is up 30% and his patients have become raving fans.

Finally, we talk about the science and power of proximity conversations and mirroring nuerons.  These are the part of our brain that fire, when we see someone else doing something but our mind can visualize as if it’s us doing it. 

Video is a medium that allows us to capitalize on both of these when we use a format just like this interview; casual conversations with faces close and centered on the camera.  We’ve all experienced the power of this these past few months, but mostly with our colleagues and family/friends.  David talks about how you can leveage this with your business to, and gives a visceral demonstration that highlights just how powerful it can be.

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“Nobody cares about your product but you” 

David Meerman Scott

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