How to Build a Great Company Culture in 2020 with Arnie Malham

Episode #56 | July 14, 2020

With the ascent of working from home and virtual work environments, how do we build a good company culture under the new normal?

In today’s Ask an Expert series, I’m joined by Arnie Malham, who is an experienced entrepreneur with a culture-first mindset. Arnie has had 3 successful business exits, has written a best-selling book on culture, and has delivered his sometimes uncomfortable message on leadership to thousands of entrepreneurs. Today, Arnie and I are talking about how culture building should never stop, it just needs to adapt to changing times.

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“The more we help our team members grow individually in the direction they personally wanted to grow, the more they helped us to grow our business in a way that was beneficial to clients.”

Arnie Malham

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