How to Become the Expert in Your Field by Greg Skloot

Episode #66

Some of my favorite business origin stories are from entrepreneurs who were having a problem and then figure out how to eliminate that problem. Today’s Ask an Expert, Greg Skloot, co-founded a company right out of college that developed an impressive software platform, but they struggled on the sales side because of challenges working with different personalities. To help overcome this they hired a business coach who seemed like a wizard with his ability to interact and engage with any kind of person. Turns out his wizardry was rooted in the DISC personality test that’s been around for over 100 years.

Greg and his co-founder, Drew D’Agostino, started experimenting with the concept of leveraging AI and publicly accessible information to see if they could replicate the wizardry of their coach. Very quickly they had formed their next venture Crystal Knows which has gone on to help sales and marketing professionals understand how they should approach potential clients before they’d even talked with them.


Greg explains the benefit of having a rich content strategy focused on how personality traits can help sales, hiring, marketing, and coaches become better at their job. Some of this content was manifested in their book, Predicting Personality, which Tony Robbins stated has “Insanely valuable advice for any business leader!”

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“Putting the right person in the right seat, when they can play hteir stregnht and use their energy wisely, it pays off in spades”

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