How a Start-Up Succeeded Using Unconventional Methods by Shani Dowell

Episode #65

Awareness, passion, and staying close to the problem allowed today’s Ask an Expert guest to successfully buck traditional start-up models. Shani Dowell, Founder and CEO of Possip, was talking to her husband about a gap in good communication between schools and parents. From a dining room table, a business was born and in just three years they’re now working with over 400 schools.

Shani talks about the slow-growing approach she took to get Possip off the ground from product development, investments, marketing, and her continued approach to scaling up.

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“When I finally quit my day job, my personal income and my personal income were down, but I was building the company while I invested in the company, I was the investor, and that enabled a lot.”

Shani Jackson Dowell

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