Hidden Opportunities to Pursue NOW by Daniel Burstein

Episode #20 | May 19, 2020

What are the hidden opportunities and silver linings that brand managers and marketers can pursue now and in the mid-term future? What will be the new normal of marketing and customer engagement? In today’s Ask an Expert series, I got a chance to sit down with Daniel Burstein, Senior Director at MecLabs Institute, whose mission is to help marketers discover why customers say “yes” and make the choices they do.

Listen to our conversation as he lays out the changes that have come (or will be coming) to marketing and branding environments post-COVID-19.

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“It really just comes down to understanding what is your value proposition, how is the world changing with COVID-19 or anything else, and does that mean there are certain changes (big, large, or small) that you need to make to better serve a customer and stay in business?”

Daniel Burstein

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