7 Steps to Rebuilding Your Outbound Sales Strategy for Today by Jake Dunlap

Episode #88

When thinking of ways to describe Jake Dunlap, the word sales guru comes to mind but after interviewing him that term seems too nuanced. Jake has found great success at many of his sales positions from execution to leadership throughout the years, but over time he began to realize that he wasn’t fond of office politics. He loved the sales, the tactics, the processes, and the clients, but he realized the best path forward would be to start his own firm.

So, in 2012 Jake founded Skaled, a sales consulting firm focused on created repeatable and sustainable sales models and processes that to date have outperformed many industry competitors, including some of the big brands we all know. While many businesses went through many difficult struggles in 2020, many of Skaled clients were able to achieve significant sales goals.

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“Probably 90% of your prospects are emailing while they’re on the phone with you, and you know, the really sad part my sales friends probably half of you are doing the same thing.” 

Jake Dunlap

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