We’ve been talking a lot lately about a brand new direct mail approach—in our opinion the best ticket to higher sales and ROI to hit the Internet since … well … since the dawn of the Internet! 

Despite the exclamation point, that’s no hype.

The new approach is called Social Direct Mail, a term we coined to reflect a new way of using Social – in this case, Facebook – to deliver your Direct Mail creative to the Facebook news feeds of the people on your list who are also on Facebook.

Yep. You deliver direct mail through the post office as usual. Then, right around the time, that mail is delivered, you send the same creative to the same individual through their Facebook news feed. 

So – If list member Joe Schmoe is on your list AND on Facebook, he’ll see your creativity in both places—once in the mailbox, and multiple times on Facebook.

Cool, right?

But there’s a problem. As we’ve been talking to marketers about Social Direct Mail, introducing the concept, spreading the word, we discovered that a lot of people mistakenly think that Social Direct Mail is the same thing as rooftop marketing, or IP address marketing.

That’s not the case.

How Rooftop Marketing, AKA IP Address Marketing, Works

In rooftop marketing, you use the post office to send your direct mail creative, as usual, and then, at the same time, use an online service to electronically deliver ads to the same household – to everyone who accesses a computer from the household’s IP address.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Instead of getting a single view, your ad might be delivered another 10, 20, or more times—and you won’t have to spend more money on postage.

But here’s the thing: Rooftop marketing and IP address marketing deliver the creative to EVERYONE in the household, whether your ad is appropriate for them or not.

 Examples of Rooftop and IP Address Marketing

 For instance, if you own dental practice, your ads will be viewed by little Johnny as he plays on his tablet, and by teen sister Tammy, who cringes at the thought of the dentist and clicks away from your ad not soon enough for her liking.

If you own a Misses boutique, the electronic portion of your campaign will be delivered to everyone at the address on the list, including Grandma and Grandpa, neither of whom will be shopping for this season’s winning hot pink crop top anytime soon.

Or, if your rooftop campaign targets members of a particular political party, your ad may very well be wasted on staunch supporters of the “other party” who also happen to live in the households on your list.

How Social Direct Mail works

Rooftop marketing operates on a one-to-many level. Social Direct Mail, on the other hand, operates on a one-to-one level.

With Social Direct Mail, your creative is electronically delivered ONLY to individuals on your list who also have Facebook accounts, NOT to everyone in the household.

If your dental practice is targeting the moms of the household, then only the moms of the household who are also on Facebook will be served your electronic ad. Little Johnny won’t see it. Teen Tammy won’t see it. Grandma and Grandpa won’t see it. Only the person you’re targeting—the mom of the household.

Here’s a visual to show you how it works.

An Example of Social Direct Mail


In other words, no impression is wasted.

Every impression counts.

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