With the advent of advanced online marketing networks, is direct mail still the best channel? The past decade has undergone a digital revolution, and most marketing has moved to the digital world. At the same time, the digital revolution and the mounting popularity of social networks have captured consumer interest.

Most digital marketers have become skeptical of the advantages that direct mail marketing used to gain. This opinion was prevalent as most marketing companies were considering direct mail as a segregated method. Perhaps to your amazement, though, direct mail is a lucrative marketing strategy if combined with existing online marketing networks.

Today, the most targeted social media marketing network is Facebook. You might be wondering what the world’s largest social channel has to do with direct mail. Facebook has no doubt become the number one choice for businesses to reach their customers. Customers also want the latest offerings and product promotions through their Facebook page. It’s also a fact that digital marketers and businesses want their presence everywhere to attract customers.

Marketing strategies are multilayered, and businesses want their presence everywhere. To accommodate this growing need, Propelo Media has developed an innovative direct mail concept. The idea is to be in front of the same people through both direct mail and social networks.

Social Media + Direct Mail integrates with the world’s largest social media channels. This innovative concept has now made it possible to reach your customers via social media and physical mail at the same time. At present, it’s possible to be in front of the same people both in print and online. This, in turn, boosts the return on your marketing investments. To estimate, you can get three times larger impressions through our social-connected direct mail service. This definitely translates into an increased conversion rate and greater profits.

Direct Mail and Social Media Connection

During the past decade, there was a growing trend of marketing more through digital channels. Business owners and digital marketers were somewhat distracted from direct mail marketing. Mostly, digital marketers thought that the cost involved in direct mail was greater than for digital media.

Today, this notion is changing, and more businesses are taking interest in clutter-free direct mail service. The need for a direct mail marketing approach has also been intensified for certain reasons. Social media has become cluttered, users finding their Newsfeeds jammed with promotional messages. The updates troll on social networks has become a routine for users. They ignore even a very lucrative promotion due to the repetitive nature of identical advertisements.

To grab users’ attention, multilayer marketing campaigns are more effective. Your social media advertisement should validate the message that your users have received through a direct mail service. Cross Media Solutions has made this possible through a connected direct mail and social media campaign. You just have to utilize the same mailing list you use to market your products. Your marketing message will reach your customers through our direct mail service and show up on their Facebook walls.

What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

An effective marketing campaign comprises various elements. Some of the salient elements are the marketing message, target audience, marketing objective, and points of contact. Combining all these elements in a systematic way is a marketing strategy.

Mailing List of Your Target Consumers

The first of these marketing elements to consider when designing an effective marketing strategy is your target audience. Experienced marketers consider many details of consumer demographics when compiling an effective mailing list. These include details such as age group, geographic location, gender, income, and family size.

This demographic information makes certain consumers eligible for the list you compile when devising a campaign. Also important is to keep that mailing list up to date so you reach the right person living at a given address.

The Marketing Message

The message you send to your target consumers should be carefully composed. It should match the interests and needs of the receivers. The more specific you are to the mail recipient, the higher the chances of conversion.


Marketing to a broader audience with a generic message can reach masses at large but play little role in conversion. It could be helpful in spreading brand awareness and growing general reputation but still help little in actual conversion. To make your target audience your customers, the marketing message must be personal in appeal.

When it comes to personalization, there is no better channel than direct mail. Clearly printing the recipient’s name on the envelope is the first way to infuse personal appeal. Moving on, your message should reflect the needs of that segmented income group. Direct mail together with social media helps to personalize your marketing message.

How Social Media-Connected Direct Mail Is Going to Change your Marketing Strategies

Now that we’ve had some discussion, let’s take a look at some major advantages of direct mail/social media integration:

  • Connected social media increases your marketing impressions.
  • It cuts the cost of separate campaigns for the same audience.
  • It allows businesses to target their customers on multiple platforms.
  • Businesses can get three times more return on their marketing investment.
  • A social ad combined with physical mail boosts marketing appeal.
  • It’s the most convenient way to reach the Facebook walls of your direct mail list.
  • Social media marketing coincides with your direct mail.
  • Readers of direct mail correlate the promotion with a Facebook message, increasing credibility.

Direct mail combined with social media has emerged as the most effective way to market your products and business. It can help you gain up to three times more response with less investment. Realizing its effectiveness, today, digital marketers are redesigning their marketing strategies to help businesses promote all-around. If you haven’t yet added this combo to your marketing strategy, Propelo Media is here to help. Once you see the results yourself, you’ll never run your marketing campaigns separately again.

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