Inside Sales – Virtual Office – Superstars Only – Base + Commission $200k

Don’t even reply unless you are a competitive overachiever and can prove it!

Here’s our pitch: There’s always a hunger for effective marketing. While direct marketing is still one of the best ways to get customers, it is a dumb marketing medium. That’s why we’re here. We have the consumer’s 360-degree view and use Machine Learning to reach them. We provide 360-Degree Direct Marketing, on Steroids.

Here’s our unfair advantage: No one is doing this. Our technology is disruptive, cutting edge, right from the heart of innovation in Silicon Valley.

Here’s where we’re at: We are entering high-growth mode. We are well-funded and profitable. We are looking for driven, startup-minded superstars who can execute and get results. We don’t hire backgrounds. Young or old, if you have the stuff, we’ll know. If you are driven, competitive, mentally tough, and coachable, you have the raw skillset of a superstar. We can mold you into a sales superstar. But we are realistic enough to know that not everyone will make it. If you’re average, you can earn $50k with us. If you are a sales superstar, you can earn $200k plus.

Here’s how we help you succeed: We’ve identified several low-hanging industry verticals that can benefit from what we do and succeed right away. We have case studies showing how our tool has helped early clients. We have the systems and tools in place so you can sell as efficiently as you can. We have coaches, training and accountabilities in place so you can be honest (first and foremost) with yourself when you’re not giving your best.

Here’s what we do, in 90-seconds:

Here’s our Culture:

  • Our Core Values: Delight Our Clients, Never Shortsighted, Work Hard/Work Smart, and Our People Matter.
  • Clients Are #1, But Our Own People AND Their Families a Close Second – We love our people here at PROPELO, and we believe their dignity is far more important than money. While 99.9% of clients we encounter are courteous, kind, patient and respectful, we are never afraid to turn down business from people who demean, or devalue our team members.
  • Excellent opportunities for training and advancement HERE – we will invest in you so you can be valuable everywhere, but respect you so much you will never want to leave.
  • Results-driven: small team of talented and passionate people, merit-based, no B.S., no office politics, self-starting environment.

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