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Measure your next campaign’s success using the benefits of omni-channel marketing vs. traditional campaigns.

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This is the number of people that you're looking to target on your next direct marketing campaign.


Pricing for estimation purposes only. It can vary depending on printing specs, number of inserts and/or special mailing treatments.


Postage costs are for estimates only; postage is calculated in real-time when campaign is being delivered.

Non-Profit Rates: USPS pre-approval required.

Saturation Rates: Must blanket entire Zips/neighborhoods. Recommended for certain types of businesses only.

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Pricing for estimation purposes only, can vary depending on the number of variables chosen. Note, highly targeted lists typically perform better.

Lift Response: We'll take your customer file, analyze with over 1,500 variables and develop a custom model to target your next potential customer.

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Typical Performances:

  • Saturation: 0.25-1%
  • Rented List: 0.5-2%
  • Own List: 1-5%

Source: DMA


An omni-channel marketing approach can boost a single channel performance by as much as 35 - 40%.

Our modeling is using a conservative 15% boost.

Call us at 415-795-8333 for to have a custom model created for your business.


Direct marketing is a powerful lead-generation tool, but leads then need to be converted to actual sales.

Typical businesses will convert between 10 - 50% of their leads.


LTV is typically calculated by measuring 3 years worth of revenues/profits, but can be adjusted depending on sales cycle in your industry.


  • Pizzeria: Purchase every month @ $30 = a $1,080 LTV over 3 years.
  • HVAC Company: $100 annual service and new appliance every 15 years. Service is $1,500 over 15 years, plus $5,000 appliance install = $6,500 LTV.

Modeled Results

Direct Mail Only (left) vs. Omni-Channel Marketing (right)

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