Customer Modeling Leads to Over $66k in Sales

Galileo camps provide a unique and inspiring experience to thousands of kids. Their approach is focused on fostering innovation, creativity and confidence in all camp members.

With camp locations across the Southern California, the Bay Area and Chicago kids are able to choose from different focuses like chefology, drone innovators, go-kart builders, Youtube producers, and so much more.

The quality of the customer list is such a critical factor in any direct mail campaign.

Propelo Media provided a sophisticated and data-driven approach to developing a prospect customer list for our first direct marketing project together that we knew exactly who to partner with on our next one.

Summer Erickson
Director of Marketing
Summer Erickson
Director of Marketing


Though Galileo’s award winning camps are wildly popular, and in turn see a high amount of repeat campers, there is an age restriction which means they constantly battle attrition. They were looking for an effective way to raise awareness and bring new campers in.


We began by analyzing their existing customer base using our ResponseLift modeling to identify key attributes to build a better performing prospect file.

The summer camp marketing campaign was comprised of a full-color jumbo postcard delivered to 9 different markets they service.

To increase performance of the direct mail piece we included an omni-channel marketing array of emails, social media and digital ads. The omni-channel addition dramatically increased the performance of the postcard.






• Omni-channel increase in members vs. single channel control group


• Omni-Channel Boost
• 95,555 omni impressions vs.
• 6,133 direct mail only (control)

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