It’s no surprise that acquisition and retention are at the top of most business owners’ minds. Without customers, a business ceases to exist! What many don’t know, however, is how important customer segmentation and data appending are in the effort to attract and retain customers.

Customer segmentation and data appending are simple concepts. However, they can be tricky to execute without the right resources. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what these marketing practices look like.

Customer Segmentation

You likely already have a list of customers. Perhaps you also have a list of prospects. With customer segmentation, these lists are broken into groups representing certain target audiences. For example, a list may be segmented by age, life event trigger, or spending pattern. Each segment then receives a marketing campaign targeted right at o their defining quality.

Customer segmentation also allows marketing partners like Propelo Media to perform lead generation based on the profiles customer segmentation produces. This means adding new, “like-minded” prospects to a campaign’s audience. These leads have an increased likelihood to become new customers.

Don’t have a customer or prospect list big enough to segment? That’s okay! A strong marketing partner can help a business identify target audience traits. Then, these traits are used to generate leads which can be segmented. These leads will be more likely to convert, boosting customer acquisition.

Data Appending

In addition to customer segmentation, making the most of lead generation requires data appending. This means gathering as many points of contact as possible for each individual prospect. Email and mailing address, social media handles, and mobile device ID’s are all valuable when it comes to reaching leads on all possible channels.

Data appending is a critical step towards increasing brand recognition. It also fuels customer acquisition and retention. The more channels impressions are made on, the more connection leads build with a brand. This is why omni-channel marketing is so effective: it centers leads in its efforts, providing messaging on channels each lead already uses.

Fueling Acquisition and Retention

Of course, efficient customer acquisition can be costly to achieve. This is especially true when a business chooses to go at it alone. Between target audience defining, lead generation, increasing impressions, and mastering various channels, it’s hard work! Customer segmentation is a core part of that effort. A strong marketing partner, however, can ensure that every dollar spent on a campaign gets the best results. 

Believe it or not, retention costs less than acquisition. Done right, that provides a big boost to revenue! Strong retention efforts require keeping in touch with existing customers through their preferred channels. This is why data appending is such a strong retention tool. A business that appends data increases lines of communication, keeping customer retention high.

Ready to boost acquisition and retention with customer segmenting and data appending? Propelo Media has everything you need to get started. Reach out today!

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