In a previous post, we discussed how lead generation is changing. Big Data and the digital age have flipped the roles of consumers and marketing teams. Businesses once had to find leads. Now, they must focus on being found. How does a business get leads to come knocking on their door? For many industries, a great place to start is life event triggers. 

Understanding Life Event Triggers

Let’s say you sell car insurance. Your lead generation focuses on consumers who fit the profile of a car owner. Maybe it centers on a young age demographic to gain new drivers early on. Perhaps it’s leveraged most in geographic areas with higher rates of car ownership. These are examples of using demographic data to center the target audience.

But do you know who really needs car insurance right now? People who just bought a car.

Obviously, consumers who recently purchased a car could live almost anywhere and be almost any age. However, the thing they have in common is that they need what you sell: car insurance.

The added context of life event triggers immensely enhances target audience demographics. And, technology today grants insight to multiple kinds of life events, from marriage and starting a family, to buying a house and retiring. For many business sectors, this information can greatly enhance lead generation.

Why Life Event Triggers Work

Especially in the case of major life events like buying a home or moving, life event triggers take advantage of a few conditions.

First, as mentioned, they help businesses perfectly time their offerings. Got a new job that has you moving to another city? There’s a moving business that wants to know about it. Are the kids finally all moved out and it’s time to consider a vacation home? There’s a mortgage originator with some options you should hear.

Just as omni-channel marketing centers the audience, life event triggers center what is happening right now in the audience’s life.

Additionally, using life event triggers also means that you’re targeting consumers at a time when they are ready to spend. Moving, graduating, getting married, and starting a family are all very exciting. This excitement often leads to consumers feeling they can spring for nicer furniture for their new home, or a larger mortgage that will help cover the cost of a vacation. 

Leveraging Life Event Triggers

In order to harness the power of life event triggers in your lead generation, you’ll need to tap into Big Data. Search history, transactions, and demographic data can all inform a campaign and signal major life events. An experienced lead generation partner can help leverage this information in your marketing.

Predictive models can use credit, wealth, property, and demographics to identify leads. Partners like PropeloMedia have access to lists of expectant parents, homebuyers, movers and more to inform marketing campaigns. Whether your business sells baby products, insurance, or mortgages, we’re ready to help you take your marketing to the next level.

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