Top 5 Ways Clubhouse Will Change Your Business

By now you’ve likely heard of Clubhouse, but chances are you don’t fully understand why everyone is talking about it.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  While Clubhouse has been out for almost a year now, it’s only in the past few months that it’s had a meteoric rise in popularity.

Today I’m going to walk you through what Clubhouse actually is, and more importantly, I’m going to explain how Clubhouse can significantly change your business.

What is Clubhouse

I’m going to do my best to explain Clubhouse, because honestly even after hearing a few people explain it to me I didn’t quite get it.  At the end of the day you really just need to download the app and start exploring it for yourself because it will all make sense then.  In the meantime you need to know two things…1) it’s iPhone only at this point, and…2) you do need an invite in order to actually get into the Clubhouse.  That said, you can register immediately to secure your username, and in all reality, you’re likely one Linkedin contact away from getting an invite so if need be just make a LI post and ask for an invite; that’s how I got mine.

Clubhouse is an interactive, audio-only, platform that allows you to jump into rooms and join conversations on a myriad of topics.  I honestly think it’s analogous to the breakout rooms at conferences you’ve attended.  You pick a session that interests you, you enter the room and there are speakers on stage sharing their ideas.  The difference with Clubhouse is that you can raise your hand to be allowed on stage so you too can talk with the other panelists in real-time, and this is where the magic happens.

How Clubhouse Can and Should Change Your Business

1. Gaining Insights

Chances are, no matter what you’re interested in there is a room covering that topic on Clubhouse.  Youtube has been a great go-to when you want to learn more on a topic, however, videos are static and don’t allow you to interact with them.  With Clubhouse, you get to engage with the speakers which allow you to ask probing questions so you can get a deeper understanding of the topic.  How many times have you watched a video, or have listened to a podcast, and wanted to ask a follow-up question that the host missed or just ignored?  Clubhouse’s beauty is that it’s based on real-time engagement so you can reach out and ask questions to allow you to expand your knowledge base.

2. Build a Following

If you’re looking to network and expand your base of followers, Clubhouse can be a powerful tool for you.  You can do this in-app and build your CH following, but you can also expand your following outside of the platform.  All you need to do is join a room, get on stage, and share your point of view.  Clubhouse is essentially a megaphone that amplifies your passion and expertise and in doing so you will quickly see your in-app followers increase.  Because Clubhouse doesn’t have any in-app messaging it’s not uncommon to hear speakers reference their website, their email, or social media profiles to continue conversations outside of the platform.  I’ve gained over 100 new connections on Linkedin within the first week using the platform.

3. Get Feedback on Your Business

Clubhouse is especially powerful for start-ups or newer businesses that are still looking to refine their position within the marketplace.  Even if you’re an established business that’s looking at a newer offering, or if you’re wanting to reboot an existing one, Clubhouse is a great forum to get feedback.  I’ve been in several rooms where people get to ask experts real questions about their business.  It’s actually pretty incredible how readily available this feedback is on the platform.  Imagine being able to get on SharkTank anytime you want, it’s almost that easy on Clubhouse.

4. Market Yourself

Just like other social media platforms, Clubhouse isn’t a traditional marketing channel, but you can still use it to your benefit.  One of the most effective ways to market your business is through storytelling, and Clubhouse allows you to literally share your story.  Because the platform is all about engagement and conversation, you can actually use it to develop and vet out your story because you get real-time feedback.  This feedback, good or bad, can then be applied to your traditional marketing mix.

5. Monetization

There’s no direct selling per se on Clubhouse, but I’ve been in a few rooms where people are talking about how their service or product solves problems.  When done well I’ve seen it lead to off-platform conversations and sales.  In fact, I just picked up a new client last week that spawned from a Clubhouse room.  It was a room that I’d randomly dropped into the middle of, and within minutes I was on stage talking about customer acquisition.  Someone in the audience, who wasn’t even actively talking, heard about our omnichannel approach, and they connected with me off-platform through Linkedin. 

Secondarily, Clubhouse also has a significant Venture Capitalist presence.  If you’re a start-up and you’re looking to raise funds, this platform could be game-changing for you.  So many breaks in business come down to timing and audience.  Clubhouse has the power to exponentially open doors that might have otherwise been close, let alone out of sight altogether.

I hope these ideas help clarify what Clubhouse is, and how you can leverage it to benefit your business.  Honestly, jump in and start experiencing it for yourself.  If you need an invite, let me know as I’ve got 5 available right now.

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