PropeloMedia Voted Top Direct Marketing Firm for 3rd Straight Year to Give Back

PropeloMedia is excited and honored to be named the Top Direct Marketing firm for the 3rd year in a row by Clutch, the nation’s authoritative agency reviewer.  “After winning the top direct marketing firm for the 3rd year in a row we wanted a way to give back,” explained PropeloMedia’s co-founder Joshua Carlsen.

“Winning this award is so meaningful to our team because Clutch picks winners based upon actual client feedback so really it’s more like client’s are the ones picking the top firm,” stated Joshua.  “To show our appreciation, we’re going to waive our agency fee for our next 3 client projects.”  PropeloMedia will waive their agency fees, which includes a marketing audit and campaign strategy and design for their next 3 client projects as a way to give back.

PropeloMedia’s unique omnichannel marketing approach starts first by conducting a target audience audit to identify the highest likely prospects to convert.  Once the target audience has been defined they execute an omnichannel marketing campaign that includes offline direct mail and online email and display ads to the same people.  At the conclusion of the marketing campaign a full marketing analysis is conducted which includes match-back analysis and A/B testing audits.

2022 is the 3rd year in a row that Clutch has voted PropeloMedia a Top Direct Marketing agency.  To see all customer feedback and reviews click here.

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