A/B testing is designing two versions of the same marketing asset and comparing their conversion rates. Just one element differs between them, with each version sent to half of a campaign audience.

One of the great things about A/B testing is that it takes the guesswork out of effective marketing. Rather than putting together campaigns that your team thinks look great, and hoping your audience feels the same way, A/B testing accurately lets unbiased data tell you what’s working…and what isn’t.

With great A/B testing, a business can continually refine marketing materials and efforts to achieve maximum conversion. This works for single channel, multi-channel, and omni-channel marketing. Here’s how: 

A/B testing: built on a champion.

A “champion” is a marketing asset that has performed well in the past. Or, if you’re trying something new with your marketing, an asset that you suspect will perform well. This suspicion, of course, should be backed by evidence—do your homework and make sure you’re starting off on the right foot!

By using a champion as the foundation of your A/B testing, you reduce the risk of spending your marketing budget on an experiment that fails. 50% of your audience sees your champion; the other 50% sees your challenger.

A/B testing only requires a small change.

To do A/B testing right, you should only change one element of the champion marketing asset. Changing more than one thing makes it hard to track which alteration had the most impact, and slows down the process of zeroing in on the best presentation. That means changing only the color, font, wording, offer, graphic, target audience, or some other aspect for each A/B test.

With only one change necessary from the champion (which already performs well, or should), you make a small, simple alteration that yields valuable data to inform your next campaign. This is minimal investment for what, over time, can have great ROI.


Applying A/B test results increases conversions.

Did the challenger do better, or is the champion still on top? After testing is complete, you may find that your champion is in that position for a reason, or that there’s a new champion in town.

It’s exciting to find a new champion: it means that you got more conversions than you would have by only using the previous one! Whether this happens or not, however, the secret to truly maximizing A/B testing success is to keep doing it. Repeat this process, creating new challengers to the existing champion, and watch your marketing materials evolve over time into high-powered conversion machines.

 The market changes; so should your marketing.

 The market isn’t static. A/B testing isn’t, either. By the time you develop a “perfect” marketing asset over many rounds of testing, something about your target audience is likely to evolve. That’s ok: A/B testing can help detect the best changes to make to materials to keep up with the times. Make it a part of your internal processes, and avoid getting left behind.


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