2022 Top Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

As the year comes to a close it’s time look forward at the 2022 Top Marketing Trends.  From short-format video to the continued rise of podcasts there are many marketing trends that can help propel your companies growth in 2022.

2022 Top 7 Marketing Trends

1.  Storytelling
As you look out into the marketplace, the most popular and successful campaigns always consistently have one thing in common.  No matter the medium they’re rooted in well-designed storytelling.  Stories create trust, they create deep connection and are much more memorable.  This leads to stronger conversion, better lifetime value and improved customer referrals.  Customers won’t always remember the details, but they will remember how they felt when they take in your media, whether that’s good or bad.

2.  Short-form Video
Short-format video consumption is up across the board this year.  In fact, short-format video platform TikTok dethroned Google to become the most popular site of 2021.  These short-form videos are easy to produce and allow you an opportunity to break out of your traditional mold and show authentic personality.  These videos are also great to share across social media platforms from TikTok, to Instagram and even LinkedIn.

3.  Improve the Customer Experience
Okay, so this isn’t really a trend per say, but the percentage of companies that actually spend meaningful time and investment is woefully disappointing.  It’s disappointing because customers suffer, but companies essentially waste all their sales and marketing dollars when the customer experience is sub-par.  Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky, talked about how their business was stagnate early on until they personally focused on the customer experience.  It may seem like an exaggerated exercise, but when done well it can change your business overnight.

4.  User-Generated Content
When you create a truly memorable customer experience, you’re very likely to turn your customers into social media evangelists.  Because that experience is so meaningful, they literally feel compelled to share it which automatically creates content that you can then share across your marketing channels.  It’s important to keep in mind that user-generated content will happen with or without your design, so in the absence of design and purpose on your part you’re rolling the dice on what users will create.

5.  Live Video
It’s believed that consumers spend 3 times longer watching live content than pre-recorded.  Consumers more naturally relate to people on live stream because it’s more authentic, and people connect to people more easily than brands.  Think about live streaming product launches, online tutorials, review sessions or “ask me anything” live streams.

6.  Social Responsibility
 While the global disruption of 2020/2021 has wreaked havoc for all of us, it also exposed the importance of social responsibility.  This used to just feel like a check-box, but consumers today are measuring value much broader than ever before.  It’s important that you have real, sometimes uncomfortable, conversations so you and your team can carve out what’s important to your customers and your brand.

7. Audio Content
From the dramatic rise of the audio-only platform Clubhouse to continued growth of podcasts, consumers have clearly demonstrated their growing preference for audio-only content.  In fact, 2020 NPR data showed that consumers were listening to 30%+ more spoken word while music consumption dropped by 8%.  The great thing about audio-only content is that it allows you the ability to multi-task so now you just have to figure out how to leverage this format.  Focus on the niche value proposition you bring to the marketplace, and think about how you can talk and share stories in the audio-only format.  I know it may seem like there are countless podcasts already on the market, but if you’re authentic and you focus on what your customers want you’ll be able to grow a meaningful audience.

Here’s to a great 2022 for you personally and professionally!



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