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With consumers and businesses social distancing at home, video has become the most important communication channel of 2020. Here are 4 ways to embrace that in your omni-channel strategy.

2020 is off to a strange start for everyone, personally and professionally. Most Americans are practicing social distancing, quarantining themselves at home to stem the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. And while we’re all fortunate to live in a time when a lot of the social interaction can take place through digital channels, it is changing what people expect those channels to be. The more we are all forced to rely on the Internet for connection, the more important video continues to become to any modern communication strategy.

People are watching and communicating through video more than ever, and that has major implications for your marketing. In the absence of a store or office visit, consumers look to video as a way to connect with brands and get a sense of whom they’re really doing business with.

If video isn’t yet a major part of your omni-channel marketing strategy, let COVID-19 be the sign you needed to embrace it. Here’s what video can do for your marketing, and four ways it shines at engaging consumers and businesses under quarantine in 2020.

Video Drives Marketing Goals

We often talk about how a tangible mailpiece makes the physical impression that takes your brand relationship to the next level. When a prospect receives your mail, they immediately make a tangible connection to you that was not present when they only knew you through digital marketing. Videos have that same kind of impact on viewers, and they are an essential piece of any omni-channel marketing campaign.

Marketers recognized the potential of moving images almost as soon as the movie theater was introduced, and advertising dollars entirely funded the early days of television. The moving image brings your brand to life in the minds and hearts of customers in ways that static text and pictures never could.

A video is really the next best thing to being able to talk to your customer in-person. The ability to showcase real people speaking about your brand, products, causes, and ideas brings what you do into focus. Brands that are good at video marketing are more relatable and better able to appeal to customers on an emotional level.

In fact, research from HubSpot found that people prefer online video to all other forms of brand content. When consumers were asked to rank what kind of content they prefer to receive from brands and products they support, 54% said video, 46% said email and newsletters, 41% said social images. and 34% said social video.

Similar research from Brightcove found that video was more memorable, more engaging, and gets shared more often than any other form of online content.

More importantly, video works to drive marketing goals. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group for Vidyard found that:

  • Email clickthrough rates are 27% higher for brands that use video
  • Landing pages with videos convert 34% more often
  • Brands that use video in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster

“Today’s top marketers are the ones who can deliver the best experiences — be they informative, entertaining, or both — and video is one of the most effective mediums for delivering such experiences at scale.”
— Andrew Moravick, senior research associate, marketing effectiveness & strategy, Aberdeen Group

4 Ways Video Can Bridge the Marketing Gap During COVID-19, And After

There are four key roles video plays in a mature omni-channel marketing strategy that will help remote customers practicing social distancing connect with your brand.

1. Explainer videos on landing pages

Landing page conversions do not simply increase because any video is slapped on the page. Prospects who clicked onto these pages are looking for more information about the product and offer, and many of them, especially Millennials and Gen Z, would rather see that information in video format.

Video, in this use case, should perform the same function as a helpful salesperson: Answer the customers’ questions, explain the product, highlight its benefits, and show why the deal is worth taking. People cannot come to your store, showroom, or office to see a salesperson live, so your video strategy must give them the support they need to make the right decision.

2. Engagement videos that drive customer interest and shares

These are your top-of-funnel lead-generation pieces. Perhaps the most famous example was the viral video that launched Dollar Shave Club. The job here is to make a memorable brand impression that drives home why your brand is different, makes people want to share it, and sends viewers to a landing page to learn more.

Thought leadership videos also fall into this category. Not every brand can or should present themselves as irreverently as Dollar Shave Club, but every good brand has an angle that stands out to its target audience. Rand Fishkin used simple, arguably boring, whiteboard explainer videos to put MOZ on the map and launch a decade of growth. (Don’t miss the savvy way they tied the YouTube videos back to their website, either).

People are home, bored, looking for things to watch that align with their needs and interests. Find a way to showcase your brand spirit in a video, and the right kind of prospects will find it, share it and come to you to learn more.

3. Customer testimonial videos

Prospects believe their peers, and there is no better way to build social proof than to give your satisfied customers a place to speak on your website. We’re strong believers in this ourselves, and you can see customer video testimonials throughout Propelo.

When we’ve done our job well, the best thing we can do is let our customers speak, and their words have the most power when the audience can see and hear them on video. If you put your customers on camera, I really believe you’ll find the same thing is true in your business.

4. Videos that show who you are

Out of everything we want customers and prospects to see about our brands and products, sometimes the simple, earnest display of what the company is all about gets forgotten. But video is best used in marketing to build human connection and trust, and that’s never been more important than during COVID-19. A simple video laying out who you are, what you’re about, and the principals and mission that drive you and your team can be a powerful way to make those connections.

Not everyone who comes to your website is going to want to seek this content out, but a simple, earnest video can be the difference between convincing a prospect to call you or letting them walk. It doesn’t need to be front-and-center on your home page, the about us page is fine, but when someone at home, in quarantine, comes looking for who’s behind the brand, make sure they find the right answer.

Contact us to find out how Propelo can help you connect with your target audience during the COVID-19 crisis by making video a centerpiece of your omni-channel marketing.

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