The digital world has changed the way brands are marketed. However, despite all the new methods and techniques, the efficacy of traditional direct mail marketing remains. No matter the medium, the goal for any kind of marketing is to get as many responses as possible.

A successful direct mail campaign not only helps to increase sales and boost your image but also lets you measure the results. This benefit helps to make this method one of the most powerful marketing tools. And there are a few best practices to follow to get there.

Top 5 Best Practices to Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns More Effective and Successful

1. Make the message consumer-centered.

Remember, your creative, design, and layout—everything is important in a direct mail ad. You can have a copywriter come up with a catchy message, but you have to provide valuable features to include. These are features of your product or service, but they may not be the most apparent. Focus on the benefits rather than specifications, because the ad is intended to impress rather than inform.

2. Make the call to action easy to do

The purpose of a direct mail ad is to get your customer to complete an action. You would want them to call you, schedule an appointment, visit your store or website, or send you an email. Whatever call to action you choose, make sure it sounds easy for the prospect; otherwise, they won’t do it. If you want them to visit your website, clearly mention the URL a couple of times in the copy. Any other requirements or limitations should also be mentioned so that consumers know exactly what they need to do.

3. Integrate direct mail with other marketing channels.

This is one of the most important yet highly neglected steps in making any direct mail campaign successful. To make your ads stand out, you need a powerful approach that combines the benefits of two or more marketing strategies. One of the most useful methods is to integrate your campaign with Facebook or social media marketing to target prospects both off- and online. This makes the call to action even easier for them to complete. It is also known as “layering” in other marketing channels and ensures maximum exposure. Our approach, called Omni-Channel Marketing allows you to create robust, well-designed ads that grab consumers’ attention through traditional, tangible direct mail ads as well as Facebook marketing. See more about this method below.

4. Personalize your messages so that they stand out.

Keep in mind that your prospects are all unique with different philosophies for shopping. The key to success is to be unique and clear in getting your message across to each recipient. A personal touch to the message you want to convey makes it more powerful. While great design and catchy taglines are important, it’s even more important to connect with your prospects on a personal level so they are aware of the true value of what you’re offering. One of the most widely used techniques is to use your prospect’s name wherever it sounds proper. Personalizing the envelope and contents can make the customer feel special.

5. Pay special attention to timing.

Timing is of utmost importance not just in email and social media marketing but also in direct mail campaigns. If you want to increase your response rate, make sure your offers are valid and attractive at a particular time. It is also important to compose your messages based on the stage of marketing you’re currently at. Maybe it’s your very first mail and a totally new prospect. What features would you highlight when talking to a new customer? Create customized messages that are relevant to the time and marketing stage while catering to your consumers’ needs depending on the current market trends and season.

Integrated campaigns are becoming increasingly popular in the world of marketing. It is in vogue to combine traditional direct mail with modern social media marketing. Facebook has become one of the most widely used and popular social media platforms not just for connecting with friends but also for shopping, watching videos, and learning about new products and services. No matter what other approaches to marketing you’re currently using, it’s important to integrate it with direct mail to get the best of both worlds. 

Omni-Channel Marketing provides many benefits of a powerful, integrated approach to marketing. It has been designed primarily to make your direct mail campaigns stand out and be more successful in little time. The way it works is simple. The same creative that sits in the mailbox of your prospect is also shown on their Facebook newsfeed. The ad cannot be hidden or blocked, so it can grab the viewer’s attention while they are relaxed, checking out notifications and replying to comments on their Facebook.

The idea is to create an interactive campaign that enables your prospects to get in touch with you more readily. Connecting with them on Facebook also means being more personal and inviting. This way, it is possible to know your customer even further and offer something truly beneficial for them in the long run. Last but not least, creating an integrated campaign helps you measure your success more professionally and fine-tune future ads. This can lead to more responses and increase your clientele. Such measurement is one important step that cannot be overlooked, and using a hybrid approach like Omni-Channel Marketing can help.

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