Consumers today are increasingly habitual in their daily use of multiple devices and information channels. The great divide between online and offline media is shrinking, and marketers are focused on providing a seamless customer experience. Direct marketing has to transform itself to accommodate the new trend. Today, businesses and vendors are making use of mail, text messages, Facebook ads, newsletters, and online advertisements.

To ensure that a brand’s message is reaching its customers wherever they want, direct marketing is now layered. This marketing approach enables multichannel marketing that can reach consumers in their medium of choice. It has become imperative to understand consumer behavior—how they are interacting with communication channels. Businesses that invest more in layered direct marketing achieve double the returns compared to single channel marketing.

Here are the reasons to use layered direct marketing to grow your business:

Integrated Marketing Channels

Marketing for businesses today does not work segregated; you cannot consider print media different from digital. Social Media + Direct Mail has addressed this need with a multilayered marketing solution. Marketing your products doesn’t require a different campaign on Facebook and direct mail.

The blurred boundaries of marketing channels have intensified the need for an integrated marketing system. Our innovative solution has enabled businesses and marketers to market products on the Facebook pages of their direct mail audiences.

Connecting the “Online” and “Offline”

The difference between online and offline channels of marketing is shrinking. We consider consumers as our target, and “the medium is the message.” Data has shown that businesses that market their products through a combination of online and offline channels are more successful.

The most recent trend is to layer direct mail campaigns with online sources that are already flourishing such as Facebook.

Propelo Media has leveraged this solution for businesses to get maximum returns on their marketing campaigns.

A Single-Channel Approach is Risky

Sending a marketing message through a single channel is risky. There is a possibility of losing the potential customer if, by some chance, that channel missed delivering the message. Customers habitually watch advertisements from different vendors on their Facebook page, and the streams are quick. Sending a promotional message through direct mail as well would add convenience to the customer’s response. If they are busy when they receive it, they can read it at their convenience.

Layered direct marketing is a better marketing approach than single-channel marketing. With single channel marketing, you spend your entire marketing budget on one medium. Through layered direct marketing, you use multiple channels to promote with the same budget.

Advertise Where Your Customers Are

The end goal of each marketing campaign is to reach customers at the right time in the right place with the right message. Layered direct marketing is instrumental to reach customers at their preferred place and time.

There are different types of customers from various backgrounds, and they follow diverse marketing channels. If your marketing campaign is multilayered, it’s possible to reach a diverse audience. Reaching all types of customers on the channel of their choice is only possible through layered marketing.

For products with customers from various backgrounds and age groups, it is difficult to narrow down where your customers are. Going multichannel with layered direct marketing ensures that you are pitching your products to a maximum number.

Create Brand Authority

Layered direct marketing is helpful in conveying marketing messages consistently through several sources. Sending your marketing message consistently through multiple sources creates brand authority. When a marketing campaign is multilayered, it creates a unified experience and helps in establishing authority and reputation for businesses.

Spread Awareness

There is another reason to take advantage of layered direct marketing: spreading “brand awareness.” Layered marketing increases the number of venues a customer touches to learn about a product or business. Spreading the message consistently through a layered campaign boosts product awareness and customer understanding.

Maximizes Conversion Rate

There are higher chances of conversion if your customers receive a consistent message from multiple sources. Direct marketing campaigns, if designed while combining two or more marketing channels, are more rewarding. Through our integrated direct mail and social media solution, businesses can get up to 3x the return on their marketing investments. It also saves time and resources required to design separate campaigns.

Now, businesses can make their products visible on the Facebook pages of their direct mail customers. Social media-connected direct mail service will also maximize the customer conversion rate.

More Engaged Customers

Expert marketers advocate the importance of customer engagement more than the sales pitch. Developing an emotional connection with your customers is the key to winning their hearts, and it ensures brand loyalty. Layered direct marketing can do the magic for you by engaging your customers on multiple channels.

Reading about your business through a direct mail service and then receiving the same promotion on Facebook can excite them. The curiosity that you provoke through layered direct marketing will definitely engage your customers. They are more likely to explore your business over the web if it has been advertised through social direct mail.

Catch Up With On-the-Go Consumers

To pace up with the busy lifestyle of your customers, it is necessary to position your business matching their pace. If you are targeting a physical address in your direct mail marketing, it should complement with digital advertising. One of the main reasons for the popularity of layered marketing is its capability to reach customers.

These are just a few of many reasons that you will learn on the way. If you are using direct marketing to reach your customers without multi-channeling, you should review it. The integrated direct mail and social media approach is an innovative marketing trend. You will want to sign on to beat the competition.

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