97% of marketers see a boost in return with omni-channel marketing. However, 90% of marketers struggle to seamlessly connect buyers’ experiences across channels. Many companies run separate campaigns across channels: one for direct mail, one for television and radio, one for social media. They all have somewhat the same message but go about it in different ways.

However, to truly resonate with consumers, your company needs to speak with one clear voice. You already know the immense pull direct mail has for attracting prospects. Layering a Facebook campaign that reaches the same consumers is the next step toward achieving your goals.

Propelo Media is here to help take your direct marketing campaign to the next level. Your sales will double in front of your eyes, just by exposing your prospects to your message multiple times.

Pull Prospects in with Direct Mail

Direct mailers are an effective way to reach prospects from diverse backgrounds. They get the word out about your company’s offers, coupons, new products and more. Direct marketing campaigns work to both attract new customers and thank returning ones. All a prospect needs is a physical address, and your company can deliver its message.

However, consumers may be distracted at the time they receive your mailer. It is one of many marketing messages they receive in a given day. Your message has to really stick in your prospects’ minds for them to act. And with a physical mailer as their only reminder, you could struggle to keep their attention.

Expiration dates serve as reminders to act fast and capture consumers’ attention. They help you convert prospects into customers, mailers into sales. However, if the mailer is lost in the bottom of a purse or briefcase, it may not be found in time. By the time it is, the offer may already have expired. There’s a better way to capture these prospects’ attention without having to spend more on postage.

Harness the Power of Facebook

The number of Facebook users is expected to grow to 169.2 million in the United States by 2018. And with 66% of people logging on for at least 20 minutes daily, companies advertising on Facebook demand attention.
Ads that appear on Facebook newsfeeds are not skippable or spam-filterable. With Facebook, there is no wasted impression. Facebook ads are a great way to market to people with interests related to your company’s products or services. You can also target people based on geographic location.

The problem is that these people might not be the same as the prospects on your direct mail list. While your net impressions increase, Facebook users could just as easily see your ad and move on. These ads don’t have the pull of direct mail, which is more personal and direct to the consumer. For an effective omni-channel marketing campaign, you need to layer the campaign across channels.

Combining Direct Mail and Facebook

To double or even triple your sales, you need a different strategy. Social Media + Direct Mail is the solution. Layering your marketing campaigns allows you to get both the pull of direct mail and the power of Facebook. We can match your mailing list with Facebook’s user database.

This innovative direct mail and social media program allow you to get in front of your prospects more times. More exposure in front of your target customers equals higher sales. You reach the same people without having to spend more money on postage.

Facebook users are focused, engaged, not distracted, and relaxed and ready to receive your message. As they see the ad multiple times, your message will be at the forefront of their minds. And, by layering the campaign, you get a cohesive look that is sure to call your prospects to action. They can hold the mailer in their hands and see it on their Facebook newsfeeds at the same time.

Facebook’s ads are clickable and send users to your preferred landing page. Whether you are promoting a discount, new product or offer, consumers can access it at the click of a button. Just by seeing the ad, prospects can act immediately to take advantage of your offer. You can watch prospects to become clients right in front of your eyes.

Social Media + Direct Mail works with you to make sure your message is getting across. We design the ad to ensure it looks good both in print and online. Then, we handle everything for your direct mail campaign, including printing and mailing. All we need is your mailing list!

We then match your mailing list with Facebook’s user database to get you in front of your prospects more. We manage the entire Facebook ad campaign including setup, artwork, and execution. Our techs test the landing page where your ad sends consumers to make sure everything runs smoothly. When it’s all said and done, we give you full performance report for both your direct mail and Facebook campaigns. With Social Direct Mail, all you need is a mailing list and an idea, and we make your dream a reality.

Sound too good to be true? Our clients have seen the results! Most clients double or triple the return without spending more on postage and see a 25% increase in total sales. You get more out of your already successful direct mail campaigns.

With a $2,500 Facebook integration budget, we have even had clients make almost $49,000. That’s a 19.5 times return on Facebook ad investment! We want your company to have the same success by combining your direct marketing with Facebook.

Want to know how Social Direct Mail would work for you? Contact Propelo Media today for a demo and free consultation. We will answer your questions and tell you more about us and our approach. In the end, you’ll receive an estimate of what your omni-channel marketing campaign would cost. Seamlessly market to prospects across channels with us and watch your sales grow. Why wait?

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