Discover Your Uniqueness by Flaunting Your Weakness by David Rendall

Episode #61 | July 17, 2020

We all have weaknesses, and like it or not it’s easy for most of us to see these weaknesses vs. our strengths, but today’s ask an expert has flipped the script by challenging people to change their perspective. David Rendall is a former professor, part-time comedian, and brilliant speaker talks about his philosophy of why “weird is wonderful and weakness is strength.” In this episode, David gives several examples of how what you perceive as a weakness in one scenario can be considered a strength in another one. On the surface, I know how it can seem counterintuitive, but let’s talk about dyslexia. A recent study showed that 50% of Britain’s billionaires are dyslexic, and 35% of US entrepreneurs are dyslexic, even though only 10% of both populations are dyslexic. It’s not that their brains are broken, it’s that their brains simply work differently. This theme of changing your perspective can have a profound impact on your organizations and you individually.

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“We only appreciate persistence in reverse: when it’s happening, we call it stubbornness; when you win, they call it persistence.” David Rendall

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