Over the Top (OTT) Advertising

The Power of TV Media w/ Transparency of PPC

In 1997, an unknown start-up named Netflix opened its doors.  A decade later they introduced the first internet streaming service that would completely change media consumption forever.  This new media model was named Over The Top media.  While it took many others quite a while to “get it” today there are countless OTT platforms from Hulu, Roku, Peacock, etc. available today.  More importantly, the rate at which people consume OTT is growing rapidly, and it’s expected that more people will be watching OTT vs. traditional TV by 2023.

What is OTT?

OTT literally stands for “over the top” advertising, which is done by bypassing the traditional TV providers and instead delivering media via streamed through the internet.  It’s very similar to traditional TV but you actually get better targeting and detailed analytics that allow you to reduce spend and increase response rates and ROI.

Benefits of OTT


Traditional TV ads are difficult to measure, often relying on trying to decipher shifts in overall sales or awareness. OTT brings gives you detailed data and analytics that you can use to enhance current and future campaigns.


Because OTT ads are delivered on smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs they allow for view engagement in a way that traditional TV can’t. Interested viewers can engage in real-time by clicking on ads.

Tighter Targeting

Whereas traditional TV reaches broad markets, OTT allows you to focus on much smaller segmented audiences.

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