We are a data-driven, omni-channel direct marketing partner.

(yeah, we know. it’s a mouthful, but it’s very effective.)

37% more effective than traditional marketing

Direct marketing today is too often focused on business needs instead of consumer needs. That’s why we start each engagement by focusing on the right lead generation strategy to identify the right clients. We then take a holistic marketing approach to communicate across the channels those people are already listening to so you get the results you want.

It all starts with data, at least it should. 40% of a campaign’s success is based on selecting the right leads. We begin every new client engagement by using data to identify the right target audience for your business.  Efficiently targeting the right prospects generates higher response rates, conversions and ROI. Learn More

Right People, Right Channels, Right Results. Often confused with “multi-channel marketing”, omni-channel marketing elevates your campaign’s effectiveness by communicating your message to the right prospects in the channels they use, at the right time. Learn More
Results Driven Marketing Automation. Automated 360º Targeting makes acquisition marketing as easy as set it and forget it. Propelo has unique access to trigger driven life stage data so your message is delivered to the right people when it matters the most to them. This could include new homeowners, couples getting married, having babies or even becoming newly single. Learn More
Highly Targeted Campaign Management. Looking to acquire new customers during peak season, or perhaps you’re wanting a retention campaign for a special event? Campaign 360º has you covered. Every campaign is seamlessly managed and executed so you can focus on converting those leads into sales. Learn More
Effectively Boost Sales and Loyalty. GeoMarketing 2.0 combines powerful geofencing technology with rich consumer data classifications (1000+ demographic criteria) to effectively drive more sales and repeat business. Learn More

Over the Top Advertising is done by bypassing the traditional TV providers and instead delivering media via streamed through the internet. It’s very similar to traditional TV but you actually get better targeting and detailed analytics that allow you to reduce spend and increase response rates and ROI. Learn More


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