While internet debates about whether print is dead abound, one thing is for sure: people still like getting direct mail. In fact, 70% of Americans find mail is more personal than internet-based communication. Fifty-nine percent enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.  Deciding which postage to use for a direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s explore the most common options.

First Class

USPS first class mail has an expected delivery time of 3 to 4 days. This makes it an ideal choice for time-sensitive marketing campaigns. Standard mail delivery, by contrast, can take anywhere from 5 to 21 days. If a campaign is timed with other events or mailings, first class offers more reliable delivery within a tight window. Post and hold services can also maximize the effect of well-timed campaigns.

This speed comes at a price. First class postage often costs a third more than standard mail, which can add up for larger campaigns. It is also only available for postcards, letters, large envelopes, and small packages weighing 13 ounces or less. This limits options for especially creative campaigns.

Can’t imagine an organization sending a package weighing more than 13 ounces? Check out Air Force FM, a campaign that sent engineering students all the materials to build a radio—without the instructions. Completed radios played a station airing a commercial for the Air Force on repeat.

Standard Mail

For large batch campaigns that aren’t time sensitive, standard mail is the best option. As the most cost-efficient postage choice for businesses, many have found affordable success using standard mail. Just remember that during the holidays and other peak delivery seasons, standard mail gets the lowest priority compared to other postage. This means mail can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Both standard and first class USPS mail receive an intelligent mail barcode. This tracks the mail piece and offers information about delivery, mail forwarding, return to sender requests, and more. First class mail tends to get more detailed data from this system than standard mail. That may be another consideration if campaign data is important to your business.

Nonprofit Postage

If your organization isn’t a business, but a nonprofit, it may qualify for discounted nonprofit posting. Not all organizations qualify for this. Those which do are limited in what they can mail under their special pricing. If you think your organization qualifies for nonprofit pricing, learn how to apply at the USPS website.

Postage: Just One Part of a Direct Mail Campaign

Postage is just one choice of many which need to be made while building a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Whether to send letters or postcards, for example, should be considered. The sizing of postcards, if that route is chosen, is also important. Deciding whether to design materials in-house or hire a designer is another factor. So is choosing where the mailing list will come from and who to target.

Whether you choose first class, standard, or nonprofit postage, Propelo can accommodate your direct mail campaign needs. Reach out for advice on postage and more, and get your campaign on the path to success today.

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