Why Customer Experience Matters More Today by Nate Brown

Episode #85

Most companies underestimate how important their customer experience is, and many struggles to accurately measure it when they try.  Today’s Ask an Expert guest is Nate Brown, the Chief Experience Officer at Officium Labs.

Nate is a certified CX badass, as evident by the wrestling belt award hanging on his office wall for being a top customer experience influencer by Cloud Cherry.  There is a lot to learn from Nate because he cut his teeth on the front line but focused on seeking mentors in the CX space to the point where now he’s being sought out for his thought leadership.

We cover a lot in this episode but the highlights are how you can evaluate your own customer experience, differentiating between single transactional businesses vs. recurring models like subscriptions, and how we can effectively involve and get buy-in from senior leadership; hint, Nate thinks it’s counterproductive to put leaders in the front lines of support.

Nate also covers the importance of marketing, and why it’s paramount to ensure the marketing message is mirroring the actual customer experience, rather than trying to over glamorize what the customer is actually going to experience. 

Finally, we talk about how important it is to focus on your employee experience ahead of the CX.  He shares a painful moment where lack of employee recognition for ideas and direction changed his own approach.  The reality is that your customer experience is only going to be as good as the passion of your own front-line employees.

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“What We are doing in customer experience is trying to enhance the perceptions the people have of our products, and be able to messure that in the form of loyalty and return of investment” 

Nate Brown

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