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Brain Gaining Marketing and Business Insights from Industry Leaders

Gain knowledge and insights from industry leaders on a wide variety of marketing and business topics. Interested in a specific topic? Reach out and we’ll find an expert to drop some knowledge.

C+A+X = World-Class Customer Experience by John DiJulius

June 02, 2020

 John DiJulius is considered the preeminent customer service experience leader by big brands from all over the world from The Ritz Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Progressive Insurance, and more. In this Ask an Expert interview John explains how by focusing on three things, Culture, Customer Experience, and Accountability you can create a world-class customer experience.

Success is a Mindset – Here’s How by Jack Daly


June 01, 2020

 Jack Daly, and sales and motivational speaker, shares key mindset approaches to achieving the success. He’s built several successful businesses, and equally, if not more incredible, has done over 95 marathons and 15 ironmans – – – all after the age of 46.

Why It’s Great to Invest in Real Estate After 2020 Halftime by Alex Parker

May 29, 2020

In today’s Ask an Expert series Andre Chandra is chatting with Alex Parker, Founder of LST Properties, a residential investment firm based in Louisville, KY. He shares how the pandemic has largely untouched the real estate market so far.

How to Get PPP Forgiveness by Ami Kassar


May 26, 2020

Ami Kassar, Founder and CEO of MultiFunding, gives key insights on what businesses need to be focusing on right now in order to secure PPP forgiveness. He also shares how they’re pivoting to expand their market share during these challenging times.

20 Punchcard Rule: Your Yes’es Mean More Than You Think by Adam Dailey

May 22, 2020

Warren Buffett famously said that investing is like having a punch card with 20 slots on it… what you say “yes” to is put into a new light when you see that you only have a few shots at it, so make them count. Adam Dailey, a serial entrepreneur, author, and former professional athlete from San Diego. His businesses mostly revolve around the real estate and hospitality industry, which has been one of the hardest hit recently.

Agility: From Outerwear to Masks in a Couple of Weeks

May 22, 2020

In today’s Ask an Expert series, Eric Chen stops by. He is the General Manager at Fossa Apparel, a family-run outerwear manufacturer based in California. As the outbreak hit and shutdowns came, he saw demand for his normal products quickly disappeared, but was soon replaced by another: protective cloth masks for people on the frontlines.

The Courage Map: Principles for Living Boldly with Franziska Iseli

May 20, 2020

In today’s Ask an Expert series, I am joined by entrepreneur and adventurer Franziska Iseli, who believes that anyone can learn to unlock their inner courage and live an extraordinary life. Fraziska is the founder of Basic Bananas, and decided to write about courage while on a multi-year motorbike journey around the world. 

Reimagining Office Spaces and Work Environments by Ron Harrell

May 20, 2020

As businesses re-open, what will the new office work environment look like? What health and safety measures will be here to stay, and how do you keep your team healthy, happy, and productive?

Ron Harrell, a veteran entrepreneur who founded My Office, a firm that provides office transition services. He is equally proud of his achievements mentoring other CEO’s though his other company called Power Traction.

Humanizing Interactions When Human Interactions Are Impossible by Lee Prosenjak

May 19, 2020

Lee Prosenjak is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and investor, but he’s always an artist at heart.  He founded Cherry Creek Dance, and is currently serving as COO with HESSE Parters and on the leadership board at Simon Sinek Consulting.

All of Lee’s roles require interacting with other human beings through form, movement, and team exercises.  Listen to his story on how different his world looks and sounds like these days, and how he made an artwork out of this jumble mess of circumstances.

Hidden Opportunities Marketers Can Do NOW by Daniel Burstein

May 19, 2020

What are the hidden opportunities and silver linings that brand managers and marketers can pursue now and in the mid-term future? What will be the new normal of marketing and customer engagement? In today’s Ask an Expert series, I got a chance to sit down with Daniel Burstein, Senior Director at MecLabs Institute, whose mission is to help marketers discover why customers say “yes” and make the choices they do. Listen to our conversation as he lays out the changes that have come (or will be coming) to marketing and branding environments post-COVID-19.

Startup 101: How I Did It by Piyush Patel


May 18, 2020

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, how do you even begin the journey? How do know you are on the right track? What mistakes can you afford to make along the way?

In today’s Ask an Expert series we’re joined by Piyush Patel. Piyush started as a school teacher but his passion and entrepreneurial spirit led him to start Digital Tutors, a digital animation training company for the film and gaming industries.

Credit Union by Heather Anderson


May 15, 2020

Heather Anderson, former executive editor at Credit Union Times and founder to The Oasis Group, shares how credit unions are uniquely positioned compared to regional banks during this economic crisis. She also details what they need to be keenly focused on right now.

 Working Out From Home Under a New Normal with Nate Pearson

May 15, 2020

With the pandemic outside, how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? How different is it exercising from home, and how can you settle into this new habit?

Today’s “Ask an Expert” vodcast features Nate Pearson, CEO of TrainerRoad, who shares big changes happening in the home workout industry, and how to maintain top physical shape if you cannot visit the gym or do team sports activities.

Mental Health in The Workplace by Jessica Jones


May 14, 2020

Within a two month period Jessica Jones, onboarded at infoUSA as VP of Talent, got promoted to GM and had to adapt to a global pandemic. She shares how one of the biggest takeaways is focusing on employee mental health during the crisis we’re facing.

A Unique Twist to Social Media by Nick Lateur


May 05, 2020

Nick Lateur, National Sales Manager for IMAGEN Brands, shares the attention getting series he’s developed, and the approaches he’s taken to becoming a social media guru…so much that he’s recently been promoted to IMAGEN’s social media director.

Smart Human Resource Strategies During Slowdowns by Tina Hamilton

May 05, 2020

Unemployment rates skyrocket, but at the same time, workers feel unsafe returning to offices. People need to continue making a living, yet they need to provide care to their families and loved ones during mass closures. How do we navigate through all this? Today’s “Ask an Expert” vodcast features Tina Hamilton, owner of My HR Partner, a full service human resources outsourcing firm for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Be a Partner, Not Just a Vendor by Sebastien Nault


May 04, 2020

Sebastien talks about taking the time to deepen relationships with your clients AND also your vendors during economic slowdowns.

Traveling in Times of Lockdowns and Shutdowns by Dietmar Dutilleux

May 04, 2020

Dietmar, a native Belgian has lived as an expatriate in Indonesia for 30 years. He shares his interesting adventure about trying to return home in a foreign country just before a total government lockdown, and how COVID has impacted the Asian export market.

Conquer, Not Eliminate Your Fear by Christian Brim


May 04, 2020

Christian shares about his formative years growing up in a family business going through a severe business downturn, and while fear may never go away, there are ways to keep it under control.

Navigating Commercial Leases During Crisis by Jonathan Keyser

May 01, 2020

Jonathan Keyser, a national expert representing commercial real estate tenants, thoroughly details what tenants should and shouldn’t be doing as we navigate these difficult decisions.  In this interview he covers many topics from what to do if you can’t pay rent to is now a good time to re-negotiate your current lease.

Pivoting within the Event Industry by Heather Frank

May 01, 2020

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy

Heather Frank @ Studio 4Forty shares how she nimbly navigated her company to pivot on such short notice, and the key big things to focus on first.

The Importance of Running “Recession Drills,” and How by Ryan Shortill

May 01, 2020

Ryan Shortill @ Positive Adventures talks about why all companies should run “Recession Drills,” and how to do it. In addition, he shares some tips on staying mentally healthy, and how shelters-in-place can negatively affect people in abusive relationships.

Health & Safety Standards Under This New Normal by Heather James

April 29, 2020

Heather knows all about keeping a work environment safe – she shares how social distancing is here to stay, and companies must now operate under a new normal when it comes to workplace health and safety.

Avoiding fear based decisions in tough times by Daniel Heck

April 28, 2020

Daniel Heck is co-founder of Greek Kitchen Managment, a meal planning and prep service, founded in the Greek life market, but has since expanded into any residential dining operation. As food service has been particularly hit hard during Covid-19 Dan explains how he and the team are maintaining balance to avoid making fear based decisions.

Southeast Asia Economic Outlook by JP Tuason


April 28, 2020

JP shares about COVID’s impact in the Philippines, and the economic outlook from here on out in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Invest Into Your Great Employees by Anthony Utomo

April 27, 2020

Anthony is describing his ground level perspective on how COVID has impacted transportation, and logistics as governments try to halt the spread of the outbreak. He also shares how he uses this time to clean house, to invest more in great employees and prune out the bad ones.

Seeing the Big Picture Through Crisis by Agustin Linenberg

April 23, 2020

Agustin is the Co-Founder of, a digital product agency focused on changing the way people interact with digital products. Based in Argentina, Agustin shares how their organization has taken a big picture approach to the impacts of COVID-19, notably around re-aligning their teams to focus on community-based improvements.

3 Tips for Business Autonomy by Ron Lovett


April 17, 2020

Ron Lovett’s innovation helped change how businesses approach scaling up. Starting from a one person security company, Ron grew a business to over 1,500 employees across Canada and eventually sold it to the largest security company in North America for 24x. Here he shares the three powerful, but simple, tips you can adopt in your business.

Getting Started with Lean by Paul Akers


April 16, 2020

Paul Akers is internationally respected for passion and continued pursuit of Lean processes. He has spoken on, and shared his insights, in over 100 countries and has worked with countless companies from Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Toyota and more. Here he shares the key principal to successfully implementing Lean.