Important Lessons Learned During a Rebrand by Royal Marty

Episode #87

Today’s Ask an Expert guest found success by following his customers and listening closely to their needs.  Royal Marty took over a long-established business that was struggling a couple of years ago and immediately went to task on reorganizing and rebranding.  The actual product itself, an enzyme-based biochemical used primarily in road construction, remediation, and soil conditioning was, and still is, a cutting edge application.

Royal shares the lessons he learned going through the rebrand, and how they’ve adapted today to move more quickly to adjust to internal and external changes.  He also gives a quick lesson on what enzymes are and how they work for us, non-scientific people.

After a year of ups and downs going through the rebranding process, they really found their stride last year with tremendous success at tradeshows.  This was going to be a heavy part of their 2020 strategy, but then we all got blindsided so he explains how they’ve pivoted aggressively to content creation.  Video is an area that they’re seeing the best impact.  By focusing on short, impactful videos he’s found they’ve been able to compress their overall sales cycle.

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“Get things out and if it’s, if it sucks or if it’s not up to you know, my standards or our standards like it’s fine it we can always make it better, right.” 

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