How You Develop Presentations That Drive Action by Rich Mulholland 

Episode #80

People don’t hate presentations, they hate crappy presentations according to Rich Mulholland.  Rich founded Missing Link over 20 years ago focused on helping individuals and organizations to develop and then deliver presentations that aren’t just memorable, but ones that drive action.

Rich has spoken and given presentations all around the world and has helped elevate the audience experience for tens of thousands of people.  Today he gives actionable insights from the 4 pillars of a successful presentation to the technology you should be using.

He also shares his own personal passion with board games and how he’s incorporated that passion into help companies generate stronger engagement and bonds.  Finally, we talk about a best-in-class example of a company that has literally jumped into the content generation space before they even knew what they were doing.  They’re a great example of how focusing on how if you wait until everything is perfect then you’ll be waiting forever. 

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“In my mind that what you’re trying to do is use a narrative a story as the peanut butter to struggle and to smuggle in a payload which is the pill so after the sweetness of the story disappears there’s got to be something left, and that’s why we’re quite mindful of saying it’s not just about story by itself but story it’s a very meaningful component to telling it”

Rich Mulholland

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