How You Can Focus on Less & Get More by Erik Qualman

Episode #64 

After talking to many incredibly successful business people over the years one theme starting coming up over and over for today’s Ask an Expert guest Erik Qualman. Erik, author of the wildly successful book Socialnomics, shares that successful leaders said that the most important attribute of their success is focus, but that it’s also their most challenging aspect.

Erik realized that was something that he struggled with too, and so he went all-in on understanding how to improve it. Fast forward to today, and he’s just authored a new book titled The Focus Project. In today’s episode, he chronicles his own journey towards saying “No” more often so he can really focus on what’s most important. He also shares the value and power of storytelling and explains how you can monitor and improve your personal brand by understanding the difference between your digital footprint vs your digital shadow.

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“I don’t want you to go on life being successful, I want you to go on life being helpful.” Erik Qualman

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